Kuwait Kuwait.png
Team Name Kuwait
Nickname(s) Al-Azraq (The Blue)
Stadium Jaber Al-Ahmad Stadium
Al-Sadaqua Walsalam Stadium
Manager Croatia Romeo Jozak
Captain Nawaf Al Khaldi
Confederation AFC.png AFC

Kuwait are an Asian national team in the Pro Evolution Soccer series which make their debut in PES 2010. They feature a very limited side and have fake names amongst the squad making them an unpopular choice in the game.

[edit] PES 2014 Squad

Pos. No. Name
GK.png 22 Nawaf Al Khaldi An Bandoi
CB.png 4 Hussain Fadhel Hamfodol
CB.png 13 Mesaed Nada Negli
RB.png 5 Mohammad Rashed Al Ranza
LB.png 3 Fahad Shaheen Shorayon
DMF.png 8 Talal Nayef Naletof
AMF.png 11 Fahad Al Ebrahim Adulhim
SS.png 16 Hamad Aman Hamudaran
LMF.png 15 Waleed Jumah Jesmahn
SS.png 17 Bader Al Mutwa An Kedou
AMF.png 20 Yousef Al Sulaiman Ansulamad
GK.png 1 Abdulaziz Fathi Falkha
GK.png 23 Hameed Youssef Halyoumad
CB.png 14 Husain Al Shammari Husin Ashari
RB.png 6 Mohammad Freih Frasukh
RB.png 2 Amer Maatouq Maaledi
LB.png 19 Ali Maqseed Marzaat
DMF.png 12 Talal Al Amer Alamohl
RMF.png 7 Fahad Al Enezi Falamodi
LMF.png 21 Abdullah Al Buraiki Alibarki
RWF.png 18 Abdulhadi Khamis Khasleh
CF.png 9 Fahad Al Rashidi Arahmed
CF.png 10 Abdulrahman Bani Berim

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