Malek Al Hawsawi

Malek Mouath
Name Malek Mouath Al-Hawasawi
Age 37
Nation SaudiArabiaFlag.png Saudi Arabia
Position CF
Club Squad No.
Nation Squad No. 23
Key stats

Malek Mouath is a Saudi Arabian footballer who plays for Al Ahli in Saudi Arabia. Most people know him as Mak Ahsai as Saudi Arabia are unlicensed.

[edit] PES 2009

He is an excellent buy in the Master League as he represents great value for money. He is probably Saudi Arabia's best player due to his high speed and dribbling abilities which enables him to dribble through the defence and score, although he lacks height he makes up for it with his jump ability (90). However when Saudi Arabia are against stronger opposition it can be more difficult to use his abilities. He does team up well with Yasser Al-Qahtani and Saad Al-Harthi to make a three-pronged attack.

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