Martin Kelly

Martin Kelly
Liverpool - M Kelly.jpg
Image From PES Edit Patch
Name Martin Kelly
Age 28
Nation EnglandFlag.png England
Position CB
Club Squad No. 34
Nation Squad No.
Key stats Body Balance - 75
Stamina - 75
Response - 72
Previous Clubs None

Martin Kelly is an English defender who plays for Liverpool. He is a squad player or back up mostly and quite average overall.

He has no special face in PES 2013 but does on the PC Version PES Edit Patch.


[edit] PES 2009

Kelly made his first PES appearance along with many Liverpool youngsters such as Steve Irwin, Damien Plessis and Stephen Darby in this installment of the game, but only after the February Update was installed.

[edit] PES 2010

Along with most of the Liverpool youngsters he retains his place in the Liverpool squad and is featured in the PES 2010 Demo. It is unlikely that he will be featuring heavily in Liverpool's squad so may be easily snapped up in Master League. He also features his same build face as in PES 09

[edit] PES 2013

Martin Kelly is a player who is not a great young defender, he is below average with average stats in PES 2013 but he is not a horrendous defender, he is just quite poor. In ML sell him if you are Liverpool he is not good enough even as a back up.

He would be a sound choice for a weak Serie A team in Italy League as a starter or back up.

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