Master League Online

Master League Online or MLO was first introduced in PES 2011. This concept is essentially Master League but playable online.

[edit] PES 2011

When you first visit the game mode, you're given the choice of picking your team. Here you can either pick a licensed team or an unlicensed one. Choosing an unlicensed team increases your editing options such as name changes, kits etc.

Users play against fellow competitors from around the world with their built up squads. You start off with the Master League Default Players but after releasing some of the surplus-to-requirement players, your money builds up and you're able to purchase a couple of improved players. However even with releasing a lot of your players, world class targets like Lionel Messi are still in the distant future, increasing the challenge that this game mode provides. In order to make money, you need to win, and win at all costs.

An added difficulty to signings is that the transfer prices fluctuate based upon how popular the player is. For example, Messi started off at a price of around 8 million, however this has since increase to around 12 million.

One other thing to note is that you can only make 5 signings at the beginning. Once that hits 0, you'd then need to play a match which then increases the number of signings you're able to make by one per game.

There's also daily competitions which you can enter for a small fee which can boost revenues, provided you do well.

[edit] Criticism

Many players have experienced exploitation where opponents would deliberately score own goals. This is because they'd receive a message that will then end the game, however they still make a profit. It's led to many gamers having world class players from this tactic.

However after the Version 1.02 (updated version) this then prevented this tactic as you're unable to earn money from it.

Another tactic is to have your squad of 11 players, then you'd release everyone else, creating a reasonable sum of money. You'd then sign the 5 worst players. This then gives you the maximum money available at the start of the game for you to sign players.

Competitions/Game Modes
ClubBecome a Legend · Copa Libertadores · Champions League · Europa League · UEFA Super Cup ·
Master League · Master League Online · myClub

NationAfrican Cup · Asian Cup · Copa America · European Championships

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