Mohamed Diame

Mohamed Diame
West Ham - Diame.jpg
Name Mohamed Diame
Age 31
Nation FranceFlag.png France
Position DMF
Club Squad No. 27
Nation Squad No. -
Key stats Stamina - 82
Top Speed - 77
Agility - 75
Previous Clubs None

Mohamed Diame is a French midfielder who plays for West Ham United.

In PES 2013 he does have special face in the PC version, PES Edit Patch version, he does not have one on the console version.

[edit] PES 2010

Diame appears in PES 2010 for Wigan only after the November Update is installed where he is added into the club squad. He is an average midfielder at best and having played for lower league clubs most of his career his stats certainly reflect this. Despite that he is 22 in the game and can develop into a solid defensive midfielder given time in Master League.

[edit] PES 2013

Mohamed Diame is now playing for West Ham United. He is a decent player but maybe slightly overrated by sections of the English media. He is not so bad as too be sold in Season 1 but it would be better to keep him as a backup and not start him in the first team. He is a limited player in this regard.

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