North Korea

North Korea
NorthKorea North Korea.png
Team Name North Korea
Nickname(s) Chollima (Thousand-mile Horse)
Stadium Kim Il Sung Stadium
Yanggakdo Stadium
Manager NorthKorea Yun Jong-Su
Captain Ri Myong-Guk
Confederation AFC.png AFC

North Korea are a Asian country that first appeared in PES 2010. They have appeared in previous versions in the game, but were unplayable.

They qualified for the World Cup in 1966, reaching the quarter finals and narrowly losing to Portugal 5-3 after taking a 3-0 lead. They will appear in the World Cup again this summer in South Africa. The team is comprised of both native North Koreans and Zainichi Koreans from Japan.

Due to both North and South Korea using a different alphabet, there may be more than one way of spelling a player's name in Latin languages.

Despite being one of the weakest teams in the game, they still do have some talent such as Hong Yong Jo, Jong Tae Se and Choe Kum Chol.

[edit] PES 2014 Squad

Pos. No. Name
GK.png 1 Ri Myong Guk Rim Mi Han
CB.png 22 Pak Nam Chol (1988) Pak Han Chon
CB.png 5 Ri Kwang Chon Ri Kang Chol
RB.png 20 Ri Kwang Hyok Rim Kan Ho
LB.png 12 Jon Kwang Ik Jo Kwan Lin
DMF.png 8 Ri Chol Myong Ri Chang Min
DMF.png 17 An Yong Hak An Han Yol
RB.png 19 Jang Kuk Chol Jang Ko Dong
RMF.png 4 Pak Nam Chol (1985) Pak Eun Dok
CF.png 11 Jong Il Gwan Jong Gun Dae
CF.png 10 Pak Kwang Ryong Pak Kang Jung
GK.png 21 Ju Kwang Min Jan Kun Mu
GK.png 18 Kim Myong Gil Kim Min Gon
CB.png 26 Ri Hyong Mu Ru Hangmu
CB.png 23 Jang Song Hyok Jang Su Bin
RB.png 2 Kang Kuk Chol Kak Kungcha
CMF.png 7 Pak Song Chol (1987) Pal Sok Chu
CMF.png 15 Hong Kum Song Ha Kinsu
RMF.png 6 Choe Myong Ho Chi Minguk
AMF.png 16 An Il Bom Au Iban
AMF.png 14 Ryang Yong Gi Rik Yoon Bo
CF.png 13 Jang Myong Il Jang Min Sok
CF.png 9 Jong Tae Se Chong Jung Won

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