Pablo Piatti

Pablo Piatti
Name Pablo Daniel Piatti
Age 29
Nation ArgentinaFlag.png Argentina
Position AMF, SS
Club Squad No. 11
Nation Squad No. N/A
Key stats Acceleration - 89
Agility - 90
Dribble Speed - 88
Previous Clubs Estudiantes

Pablo Piatti is an Argentine attacking midfielder who plays for Valencia.

He is an excellent playmaker who is known for his goalscoring.


[edit] PES 2009

In PES 2009, Piatti makes his PES debut and has good dribbling and agility and being a 19 year old he still improves beyond this. On the downside, he lacks shooting ability and is only 1.63m tall. He has similar stats to Messi when he was at this age, so he probably would be a great young promise in ML.

[edit] PES 2010

Piatti inherits the same stats as last year as well as his build face. He is still a recommended signing.

[edit] PES 2011

He is a very concentrated player in PES 2011 with the majority of his high attributes focussed towards dribbling. He has an Agility of 90 matched with with small frame, making him a very similar styled player as Lionel Messi. Furthermore he has good dribbling stats, consisting of a Dribble Accuracy and Dribble Speed of 84 and 88 respectively. He also has good Acceleration of 89. Other than that, he is fairly average with the majority of his others stats in the high 60's or low 70's, such as his passing and shooting.

He is however only 21, therefore he has plenty of time to improve in Master League and can be seen as a good signing, and his relative ease to buy, due to playing for Almeria.

[edit] PES 2012

Piatti features for new club Valencia, having transferred from Almeria in the summer transfer window.

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