Pedro Leon

Pedro Leon
Pedro Leon.jpg
Name Pedro Leon Sanchez Gil
Age 31
Nation SpainFlag.png Spain
Position SMF
Club Squad No. 21
Nation Squad No. -
Key stats Overall Ability - 78
Previous Clubs Getafe

Pedro Leon is a Spanish midfielder currently playing for Real Madrid.

[edit] PES 2010

Leon appears in the default Valladolid squad and needs to be registered to his new club. This was fixed in the transfer update. Unfortunately he is portrayed as a black player despite being caucasian.

Following the February Update, Leon was one of a select member of players to have malfunctioned during the processing of this update and as a result the game will freeze or crash if he takes a free kick. Konami did apologize and correct this error.

In Master League he is a good player because he is cheap to buy and will virtually transfer to any team. His overall, which is 78 quickly rises into the 80's making him a good winger able to create goals for your team.

[edit] Gallery

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