Piast Gliwice

Piast Gliwice
Piast Gliwice.png
Club Name Piast Gliwice
Country Poland
Division WE League

Piast Gliwice is a Polish team (Half Licensed) used within the Master League as one of the highest rated teams within the second division. They first appeared in the series in PES 2017 (very likely as they are top of the table at the moment with 5 points clear) . Their default strip colour is blue with white stripes but it is usually modified to red and white stripe shirt with black socks.

[edit] Starting Squad

Their captain is Kamil Vacek and the best player is Butkiewicz who has an overall rating of 78.

Pos. Name Information
GK.png PolandFlag.png Szmatuła
CB.png BrazilFlag.png John Luiz
CB.png USAFlag.png Silva Santos
RB.png PolandFlag.png Patryk Możdzen
LB.png PolandFlag.png Głowacki
DMF.png NigeriaFlag.png Thorce
SS.png EgyptFlag.png Elneny
RMF.png WalesFlag.png Vuay
AMF.png EnglandFlag.png Setone
CF.png CameroonFlag.png Serd
CF.png NigeriaFlag.png Nguson
GK.png SouthAfricaFlag.png Elphno
GK.png USAFlag.png Smith
CB.png GermanyFlag.png Klosple
LB.png HondurasFlag.png Vikus
RB.png USAFlag.png Russendall
DMF.png EgyptFlag.png Kamil Vacek Captain
LMF.png MoroccoFlag.png Murnole
LMF.png TunisiaFlag.png Glasscham
LMF.png CanadaFlag.png Oclerphon
RMF.png USAFlag.png Heath Pearce
LWF.png EnglandFlag.png Roofer
CF.png PolandFlag.png Dawid Butkiewicz Highest Rated
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