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Pro Evolution Soccer 2011
Platform(s) iOS, Android, Wii, 3DS, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable, Xbox 360, PC, Windows Phone 7
Release date 30 September, 2010 (EU)
8 October, 2010 (UK)
Mode(s) Single-player, Multiplayer
Rating(s) PEGI: 3+
Media Optical Disk
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Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 (officially abbreviated as PES 2011 and known as World Soccer: Winning Eleven 2011 in Japan) is a football video game in the PES series being developed and published by Konami with production assistance from the Blue Sky Team.

The game was announced on 9 February 2010 and is set to be released on the 30 September 2010 on the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360, to once again, compete with the FIFA series. However the UK version of the game will be released on 8 October 2010.

Both the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League will feature within the game, like last year; and for the first time Copa Libertadores will be fully licensed.

The first trailer was released on 4 May 2010 (found here).

As of 18 August 2010, the game was announced as 80% complete. For the first time, the demo will be based on the final code (100% game complete).


[edit] Cover

The game will see the return of Lionel Messi as its cover star.

[edit] New Features

  • Total Control - 360-degree passing ratio has been enhanced improving the control over every pass, shot, throw in, through ball and lofted through balls. This allows users to pass the ball into space, and move their play with total freedom. Players must precisely weigh their passes and second-guess the runs of their team-mates and exploit their movement. Players even can apply pressure on opponents to force them off the ball.
  • Shot and Stamina Gauge - the gauge details the player’s exact level of fitness. Constantly sprinting will affect the player’s movements and will have an adverse affect on his stats, with passes going awry and a loss of pace. The new shot gauge shows exactly how much power you're placing into every shot and pass.
  • New Defender AI - Defenders now hold their positions naturally, no longer chasing any ball that enters their area; preferring to close down the attacker and force them into a mistake.
  • Improved Goalkeepers - In keeping with the basis of total freedom of movement, players now have more control over their keeper. This greater control allows for quick roll-outs, instinctive saves, pinpoint accuracy with goal kicks, and precision ball distribution to make quicker breaks or playing down the clock easier.
  • Animation and Player Physics - in-game animation has been totally reworked, with the players enjoying fluid, natural movements, with more realistic acceleration and inertia then previous games. The physicality between players is also improved, which was a priority requested in PES forums. Jostling and blocking now looks stunning, while there is a larger variety of convincing tackling styles. Ambient animation also adds immensely to the in-game atmosphere, as players behave realistically when off the ball, and walk and run with a variety of individual styles.
  • Speed of Play - With a new level of control, the pace of play varies depending on situations. The game will burst into life as counter-attacks come into play, but players can dictate the pace via slow build up or exploiting available space to surge forward. It is harder to make long runs from midfield, and successful play will depend on making quick passes to make room. Also one of the new settings is that you can change the game speed settings ranging from -2 to +2.
  • Aesthetics - Facial animation has been enhanced from PES 2010, including over 1000 all-new animations which have been recreated from scratch using over 100 hours of motion captured footage. Every aspect of player movement has been reworked, with more organic runs, turns, throw-ins, tackles, and interaction. The way players speed up and slow down is also more natural, while replays display elements of motion blur that bring your saved goals to vivid life.
  • Tactical and Strategy - An all new "Drag and Drop" mechanism that can be used in every aspect of team management, not just substitutions or formation changes. These settings are also animated to promote better understanding of the plays that have been altered.
  • Feint settings - PES 2011 allows users to map their favourite move sequences including a wide range of subtle skills, feints and turns, to the right analogue stick. You're also able to 'link' skills together in order to beat defenders.
  • Master League Online - For the first time in the series, Master League will be playable online. Users will be able to play against each other with their built up squads. You start off with the Master League Default Players but after releasing some of the players, your money builds up and you're able to purchase a couple of players. In order to make money, you need to win, and win at all costs.
  • Enhanced Edit Mode - Pro Evolution Soccer 2011's edit mode has been improved vastly to give the players complete control over the game's content and its appearance. Players are no longer limited to a number of player/team slots. They will be able to create virtually unlimited number of players and teams. Also, players will be able to create stadiums, custom league and cup competitions. Everything created by the player will be fully customizable. Stadiums can have different turfs, capacities, nets, roofs and other features. Created league and cup competitions can have their own formats (Group, Knockout, etc.), emblems, which teams and countries can participate and much more.
  • New Main Menu - a much sleeker main menu has been produced. There's an image which is shown in the gallery below, where it pictures Messi, the title and the slogan, 'Engineered for Freedom.' From the Extra Content mode, you're able to purchse extra wallpapers for in-game points.
  • Stadium Editor - The stadium editor will allow you to create your own stadiums. First you will be able to edit the pitch, whether it's the turf pattern or the pitch layout. Also in that section is what's beside the pitch which you can choose from several different styles including a running track, cement, bricks etc. Then you may build the stands (main stand, rear stand, left stand and right stand) by selecting preset built structures, there are 6 different types. From there you can then change the roof design, ceiling design, wall design and fencing designs similar to certain stadia present in Germany and other parts of the world. Next you can change the seat colour to a range of different colours and then the bench design which varies in 4 styles. Once all that has been put together - you can now choose the setting for your stadium. You are then given the option to specify the left and right backgrounds for the stadium. This ranges from mountainous, urban or rural regions. Finally you can select the lighting between white, blue, green and orange. With this tool it should be possible to recreate many different stadiums from all over the world with lots of variation in style. There are currently around 25 stadiums in PES 2011 (not all licensed ones). This is more than PES 2010 which had 22. There will be a total of 25 slots to create stadiums giving you a grand total of around 50 possible stadiums. Also in the Extra Content mode, you're able to purchase extra stadium parts such as backgrounds, fencing, pitch styles and various stadium designs.
  • Other Edit Features - PES 2011 does not feature a boot editor. Boots and balls will be added by Konami through updates like PES 2010 but in a more consistent manner. You will be able to create teams, stadiums and even full leagues (for use with offline game modes such as Become A Legend, League/Cup and Master League) with qualification structures. In addition you will be able to edit the league emblems too. This is all on top of the current edit mode system thats present in PES 2010.
  • PES Shop - The PES Shop will make a return to this game for the first time since it's removal from Next-Gen consoles back for PES 2008.
  • Option Files - One of the main features that most of the PES community are glad to see is that when Konami releases an update, a downloaded option file will not be affected and therefore you can keep all your licensed kits, logos and created teams. This has made editing much easier and has got rid of the fact that you'll need to recreate your option file repetitively.

[edit] Demo

A demo for PES 2011 was released on PSN+ on the 8 September 2010 while the demo was made available for others on the PS3, Xbox and PC on 15 September.

The demo allowed users to play 10 minute games with 4 teams available: Barcelona and Bayern München or Copa Libertadores pair C.D. Guadalajara and SC Internacional.

[edit] Game Modes

  • Master League Online - for the first time, users will be able to play Master League online against fellow PES players around the world to build the best team.

The rest are thought to be the same although 'Extra Content' will be added.

Current confirmed game modes on the main menu:

[edit] Licensing

This section will tell you the current licensings and clubs in PES 2011.

[edit] Licensed Cup Competitions

[edit] Fully Licensed Leagues

[edit] Partially Licensed or Unlicensed Leagues

[edit] Teams

[edit] Clubs

These are the clubs that are featured in PES 2011. In the brackets are the fake name of said club.

English League
EnglandFlag.png Arsenal (North London)
EnglandFlag.png Aston Villa (West Midlands Village)
EnglandFlag.png Birmingham City (West Midlands City)
EnglandFlag.png Blackburn Rovers (Lancashire)
EnglandFlag.png Blackpool (Booktale)
EnglandFlag.png Bolton Wanderers (Middlebrook)
EnglandFlag.png Chelsea (London FC)
EnglandFlag.png Everton (Merseyside Blue)
EnglandFlag.png Fulham (West London White)
EnglandFlag.png Liverpool (Merseyside Red)
EnglandFlag.png Manchester City (Man Blue)
EnglandFlag.png Manchester United
EnglandFlag.png Newcastle United (Tyneside)
EnglandFlag.png Stoke City (The Potteries)
EnglandFlag.png Sunderland (Wearside)
EnglandFlag.png Tottenham Hotspur
EnglandFlag.png West Brom (West Midland Stripes)
EnglandFlag.png West Ham (East London)
EnglandFlag.png Wigan (Lancashire Athletic)
EnglandFlag.png Wolverhampton Wanderers (Wolves)

Serie A
ItalyFlag.png Bari
ItalyFlag.png Bologna
ItalyFlag.png Brescia
ItalyFlag.png Cagliari
ItalyFlag.png Catania
ItalyFlag.png Cesena
ItalyFlag.png Chievo
ItalyFlag.png Fiorentina
ItalyFlag.png Genoa
ItalyFlag.png Inter Milan
ItalyFlag.png Juventus
ItalyFlag.png Lazio
ItalyFlag.png Lecce
ItalyFlag.png AC Milan
ItalyFlag.png Napoli
ItalyFlag.png Palermo (Xavrenaguel)
ItalyFlag.png Parma
ItalyFlag.png Roma
ItalyFlag.png Sampdoria
ItalyFlag.png Udinese

La Liga
SpainFlag.png Almeria
SpainFlag.png Athletic Bilbao
SpainFlag.png Atletico Madrid
SpainFlag.png Barcelona
SpainFlag.png Deportivo
SpainFlag.png Espanyol
SpainFlag.png Getafe
SpainFlag.png Hercules (Hecioguel)
SpainFlag.png Levante (Zelvantez)
SpainFlag.png Malaga (Mlg Blanco/Azul)
SpainFlag.png Mallorca
SpainFlag.png Osasuna (Pamp Rojo)
SpainFlag.png Racing
SpainFlag.png Real Madrid
SpainFlag.png Real Sociedad (Ssfb. Azul/Blanco)
SpainFlag.png Sevilla (Sev Blanco)
SpainFlag.png Sporting
SpainFlag.png Valencia
SpainFlag.png Villarreal
SpainFlag.png Zaragoza

Ligue 1
FranceFlag.png Arles-Avignon
FranceFlag.png Auxerre
FranceFlag.png Bordeaux
FranceFlag.png Brest
FranceFlag.png Caen
FranceFlag.png Lens
FranceFlag.png Lille
FranceFlag.png Lorient
FranceFlag.png Lyon
FranceFlag.png Marseille
FranceFlag.png Monaco
FranceFlag.png Montpellier
FranceFlag.png Nancy
FranceFlag.png Nice
FranceFlag.png PSG
FranceFlag.png Rennes
FranceFlag.png Saints-Etienne
FranceFlag.png Sochaux
FranceFlag.png Toulouse
FranceFlag.png Valenciennes

NetherlandsFlag.png ADO Den Haag
NetherlandsFlag.png Ajax
NetherlandsFlag.png AZ
NetherlandsFlag.png Excelsior
NetherlandsFlag.png Feyenoord
NetherlandsFlag.png De Graafschap
NetherlandsFlag.png Groningen
NetherlandsFlag.png Heerenveen
NetherlandsFlag.png Heracles
NetherlandsFlag.png NAC Breda
NetherlandsFlag.png N.E.C.
NetherlandsFlag.png PSV
NetherlandsFlag.png Roda JC
NetherlandsFlag.png FC Twente
NetherlandsFlag.png FC Utrecht
NetherlandsFlag.png Vitesse
NetherlandsFlag.png VVV-Venlo
NetherlandsFlag.png Willem II

Other Leagues (Europe)
BelgiumFlag.png R.S.C. Anderlecht
BelgiumFlag.png Club Brugge K.V.
CroatiaFlag.png NK Dinamo Zagreb
CzechFlag.png Slavia Prague
CzechFlag.png AC Sparta Prague
DenmarkFlag.png F.C. Copenhagen
FinlandFlag.png HJK Helsinki
GermanyFlag.png FC Bayern Munich
GermanyFlag.png SV Werder Bremen
GreeceFlag.png AEK Athens F.C.
GreeceFlag.png Olympiacos F.C.
GreeceFlag.png Panathinaikos
GreeceFlag.png PAOK F.C.
NorwayFlag.png Rosenborg BK
PortugalFlag.png S.L. Benfica
PortugalFlag.png S.C. Braga
PortugalFlag.png F.C. Porto
PortugalFlag.png Sporting CP
RomaniaFlag.png FC Dinamo Bucuresti
RomaniaFlag.png CFR Cluj
RomaniaFlag.png FC Unirea Urziceni
RussiaFlag.png FC Spartak Moscow
RussiaFlag.png FC Rubin Kazan
RussiaFlag.png FC Zenit Saint Petersburg
ScotlandFlag.png Celtic F.C.
ScotlandFlag.png Rangers F.C.
SerbiaFlag.png Red Star Belgrade
SwedenFlag.png AIK Fotboll
SwitzerlandFlag.png FC Basel
TurkeyFlag.png Besiktas J.K.
TurkeyFlag.png Fenerbahce S.K.
TurkeyFlag.png Galatasaray S.K.
UkraineFlag.png FC Shakhtar Donetsk
UkraineFlag.png FC Dynamo Kyiv

Other Leagues (Latin America)
ArgentinaFlag.png Boca Juniors
ArgentinaFlag.png River Plate
BrazilFlag.png Sport Club Internacional

[edit] Fictional Clubs

These clubs are fictional and therefore have no reflection on any team in the world.

PES League

  • Almchendolf 3
  • Ehrenhofstadt 3
  • Fineseeberg 3
  • Theeselvargen 3
  • Xakoulagos 3
  • Herismakhgia 3
  • Marguaparrena 3
  • Serignaluca 3
  • Celuvaris 3
  • Tedloghec 3
  • Waryamosuk 3
  • Nakhqachev 3
  • Saintragler 3
  • Blookrows 3
  • Mrabspor 3
  • Trunecan 3
  • Nelapoltsk 3
  • Gharnetova 3

D2 League

3 – Squads have fictional players

[edit] Club Changes

These are the club changes between full leagues.

Clubs in:
EnglandFlag.png Newcastle
EnglandFlag.png West Brom
EnglandFlag.png Blackpool
FranceFlag.png Caen
FranceFlag.png Brest
FranceFlag.png Arles-Avignon
ItalyFlag.png Lecce
ItalyFlag.png Cesena
ItalyFlag.png Brescia
NetherlandsFlag.png De Graafschap
NetherlandsFlag.png SBV Excelsior
SpainFlag.png Real Sociedad
SpainFlag.png Levante UD
SpainFlag.png Hercules CF

Clubs out:
EnglandFlag.png Burnley
EnglandFlag.png Hull City
EnglandFlag.png Portsmouth
FranceFlag.png Le Mans
FranceFlag.png Boulogne
FranceFlag.png Grenoble Foot
ItalyFlag.png Atalanta
ItalyFlag.png Siena
ItalyFlag.png Livorno
NetherlandsFlag.png RKC Waalwijk
NetherlandsFlag.png Sparta Rotterdam
SpainFlag.png Valladolid
SpainFlag.png Tenerife
SpainFlag.png Xerez

[edit] National Teams

AustriaFlag.png Austria
BelgiumFlag.png Belgium
BosniaFlag.png Bosnia and Herzegovina 3
BulgariaFlag.png Bulgaria
CroatiaFlag.png Croatia 1
CzechFlag.png Czech Republic 1
DenmarkFlag.png Denmark
EnglandFlag.png England 1
FinlandFlag.png Finland
FranceFlag.png France 1
GermanyFlag.png Germany 1
GreeceFlag.png Greece 1
HungaryFlag.png Hungary
IrelandFlag.png Republic of Ireland 1
IsraelFlag.png Israel
ItalyFlag.png Italy 1
MontenegroFlag.png Montenegro 3
NetherlandsFlag.png Netherlands 1
NorthernIrelandFlag.png Northern Ireland 1
NorwayFlag.png Norway
PolandFlag.png Poland
PortugalFlag.png Portugal 1
RomaniaFlag.png Romania
RussiaFlag.png Russia
ScotlandFlag.png Scotland 1
SerbiaFlag.png Serbia 3
SlovakiaFlag.png Slovakia 3
SloveniaFlag.png Slovenia
SpainFlag.png Spain 1
SwedenFlag.png Sweden
SwitzerlandFlag.png Switzerland
TurkeyFlag.png Turkey 1
UkraineFlag.png Ukraine 3
WalesFlag.png Wales 3

AlgeriaFlag.png Algeria 2 3
AngolaFlag.png Angola 3
CameroonFlag.png Cameroon
IvoryCoastFlag.png Cote d'Ivoire
EgyptFlag.png Egypt
GhanaFlag.png Ghana 1
GuineaFlag.png Guinea 3
MaliFlag.png Mali 3
MoroccoFlag.png Morocco 3
NigeriaFlag.png Nigeria 3
SenegalFlag.png Senegal 3
SouthAfricaFlag.png South Africa
TogoFlag.png Togo 3
TunisiaFlag.png Tunisia 3

The Americas
CanadaFlag.png Canada 3
CostaRicaFlag.png Costa Rica 3
HondurasFlag.png Honduras 3
MexicoFlag.png Mexico 3
TrinidadFlag.png Trinidad and Tobago 3
USAFlag.png United States 3
ArgentinaFlag.png Argentina 1
BoliviaFlag.png Bolivia
BrazilFlag.png Brazil
ChileFlag.png Chile
ColombiaFlag.png Colombia
EcuadorFlag.png Ecuador
ParaguayFlag.png Paraguay 3
PeruFlag.png Peru
UruguayFlag.png Uruguay
VenezuelaFlag.png Venezuela 3

AustraliaFlag.png Australia 1
BahrainFlag.png Bahrain 3
ChinaFlag.png China 3
IranFlag.png Iran 3
IraqFlag.png Iraq 3
JapanFlag.png Japan 1
KuwaitFlag.png Kuwait 3
NorthKoreaFlag.png North Korea 3
OmanFlag.png Oman 3
QatarFlag.png Qatar 3
SaudiArabiaFlag.png Saudi Arabia 3
South KoreaFlag.png South Korea 1
SyriaFlag.png Syria 3
ThailandFlag.png Thailand 3
UAEFlag.png United Arab Emirates 3
UzbekistanFlag.png Uzbekistan 3
NewZealandFlag.png New Zealand 2

Classic Teams
ClassicEngland.png England 3
ClassicFrance.png France 3
ClassicGermany.png Germany 3
ClassicItaly.png Italy 3
ClassicNetherlands.gif Netherlands 3
ClassicArgentina.png Argentina 3
ClassicBrazil.png Brazil 3

1 – Fully licensed teams
2 – Teams new to the series
3 – Squads have unlicensed named players

[edit] Competitions

[edit] Copa Libertadores

These are the teams that will feature in PES 2011's Copa Libertadores. Except from Internacional, the rest are only playable in this game mode.

MexicoFlag.png C.D. Guadalajara
MexicoFlag.png Morelia
MexicoFlag.png Monterrey
MexicoFlag.png San Luis F.C.
MexicoFlag.png Estudiantes Tecos
ArgentinaFlag.png Banfield
ArgentinaFlag.png Colon
ArgentinaFlag.png Estudiantes
ArgentinaFlag.png Lanus
ArgentinaFlag.png Newell's Old Boys

ArgentinaFlag.png Velez Sarsfield
BoliviaFlag.png Club Blooming
BoliviaFlag.png Bolivar
BoliviaFlag.png Real Potosi
BrazilFlag.png Cruzeiro
BrazilFlag.png SC Corinthians
BrazilFlag.png Flamengo CR
BrazilFlag.png SC Internacional
BrazilFlag.png Sao Paulo F.C.
ChileFlag.png Universidad Catolica

ChileFlag.png Universidad de Chile
ChileFlag.png Colo-Colo
ColombiaFlag.png Once Caldas
ColombiaFlag.png Junior Barranquilla
ColombiaFlag.png Independiente Medellin
EcuadorFlag.png Deportivo Cuenca
EcuadorFlag.png Emelec
EcuadorFlag.png Deportivo Quito
ParaguayFlag.png Cerro Porteno
ParaguayFlag.png Club Libertad

ParaguayFlag.png Nacional
PeruFlag.png Alianza Lima
PeruFlag.png Juan Aurich
PeruFlag.png Universitario
UruguayFlag.png Club National
UruguayFlag.png C.A. Cerro
UruguayFlag.png Racing Montevideo
VenezuelaFlag.png Caracas F.C.
VenezuelaFlag.png Deportivo Italia
VenezuelaFlag.png Deportivo Tachira

[edit] Champions League

These are the teams that are playable under the Champions League game mode.

EnglandFlag.png Manchester United
EnglandFlag.png Tottenham Hotspur
FranceFlag.png AJ Auxerre
FranceFlag.png Olympique Lyonnais
FranceFlag.png Olympique de Marseille
ItalyFlag.png Inter
ItalyFlag.png Milan
ItalyFlag.png A.S. Roma
NetherlandsFlag.png Ajax
NetherlandsFlag.png FC Twente
SpainFlag.png FC Barcelona
SpainFlag.png Real Madrid
SpainFlag.png Valencia

DenmarkFlag.png FC Copenhagen
GermanyFlag.png SV Werder Bremen
GermanyFlag.png Bayern Munich
GreeceFlag.png Panathinaikos
PortugalFlag.png SL Benfica
PortugalFlag.png SC Braga
RomaniaFlag.png CFR Cluj
RussiaFlag.png Spartak Moscow
RussiaFlag.png Rubin Kazan
ScotlandFlag.png Rangers
SwitzerlandFlag.png FC Basel
UkraineFlag.png Shakhtar Donetsk

[edit] Stadiums

The following stadiums have been confirmed:



[edit] Extra Content

Extra Content is a mode where you're able to unlock new stuff. This is similar to the PES Shop of older PES games.

  • Hairstyles (Add to your choice of Hairstyles in Edit Player) - GP300
  • Balls (Unlock new balls for you to choose in Ball Type) - GP300
  • Stadium parts (Add to your choice of Parts in Stadium Edit) - GP300
  • Mode Expansion Kits (Extra features which expand each mode) - GP600
  • Wallpapers (Give your Top Menu screen a whole new look!) - GP100
  • Teams (Buy these extra teams to give yourself an even bigger range of teams to choose from!) - GP300
  • Players (Unlocks 4 random Classic Players - 40 packs) - GP40
  • Sounds (Unlock new tracks to add to your playlist) - GP200

[edit] Updates

These are the DLC content that has been released for PES 2011:

[edit] Commentators

ITV's Jim Beglin will be introduced as co-commentator replacing Mark Lawrenson and partnering with Jon Champion.

[edit] Trailers

[edit] Gallery

[edit] External Links

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