Pro Evolution Soccer 5

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Pro Evolution Soccer 5
Platform(s) Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable, Xbox
Release date 2 October 2005
Mode(s) Single-player, multiplayer
Rating(s) PEGI: 3+
Media DVD, UMD, DS Card
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The Pro Evolution Soccer 5 (often just PES5. also known as Winning Eleven 9 in Japan) box-art features Chelsea's John Terry and Barcelona's (Arsenal's at the time) Thierry Henry. The game was available for PC, PlayStation 2 and Xbox. The game had a much slower pace than its predecessors which surprised and angered many PES fans but was welcomed by others who thought 4 was too fast. However it was the first to introduce the online mode on all consoles. The game was infamous for the referee halting play for very tedious fouls.


[edit] Changes

[edit] Additions

PES5 was also the first Pro Evolution to appear on the PSP and Xbox and despite it being slowed down it is considered by many players the best Pro Evolution game due to its realism and amazing step up from PES 4, these included:

  • More realistic Preset Faces
  • The ability to customize kits by overlaying patterns, pasting on logos for sponsors and combining 1st and 2nd kits.
  • The introduction of snow
  • More Edit appearance options such as untucked shirts and under-shorts
  • More realistic player interaction (such as cold air being visible out of the players mouth)
  • Online play

[edit] Licensing

[edit] Fully Licensed Leagues

[edit] Partially Licensed leagues

[edit] Stadiums

Name Team
Catalonia Stadium SpainFlag.png FC Barcelona
Finis Terrae SpainFlag.png Deportivo
Estadio Palo SpainFlag.png Valencia
Trad Brick Stadium EnglandFlag.png Manchester United
Highbury EnglandFlag.png Arsenal
Stamford Bridge EnglandFlag.png Chelsea
Red Cauldron EnglandFlag.png Liverpool
Magpie Park EnglandFlag.png Newcastle United
Monaco Stadium FranceFlag.png AS Monaco
Lutecia Park FranceFlag.png PSG
Massilia Stadium FranceFlag.png Marseille
San Siro ItalyFlag.png AC Milan
Delle Alpi ItalyFlag.png Juventus

ItalyFlag.png Torino

Stadio Olimpico ItalyFlag.png Lazio

ItalyFlag.png AS Roma

Stadio Ennio Tardini ItalyFlag.png Parma
Isar Stadion GermanyFlag.png Bayern Munich
Borussia Stadion GermanyFlag.png Borussia Dortmund
Hauptstadtstadion GermanyFlag.png Hertha Berlin
Orange Arena NetherlandsFlag.png AFC Ajax
Rotterdam Stadion NetherlandsFlag.png Feyenoord
Stockholm Arena SwedenFlag.png Sweden
Cuito Cuanavale CAF.png Various
Diamond Stadium CAF.png Various
Estadio Gran Chaco ArgentinaFlag.png Boca Juniors
Amerigo Atlantis South AmericaFlag.png Various
Nakhon Ratchasima South KoreaFlag.png Various
Kanji Dome JapanFlag.png
Dietro Monte Stadium JapanFlag.png
Porto Folio JapanFlag.png
Queens land Park JapanFlag.png
Haze Hills JapanFlag.png
Occhio del Mar JapanFlag.png
Ayase-Nakano Stadium JapanFlag.png
Promo screenshot for the game

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