Savio Nsereko

Savio Nsereko
Savio Nsereko.jpg
Name Savio Nsereko
Age 29
Nation GermanyFlag.png Germany
Position CF
Club Squad No. 7
Nation Squad No.
Key stats Top Speed 80

Acceleration 81 Agility 81

Savio Nsereko is a German striker originally hailing from Uganda who plays for Fiorentina after recently moving from West Ham United as part of the deal that saw Manuel da Costa move in the opposite direction. In January, he moved from Serie B side Brescia to West Ham United but failed to make an impact. Which meant he was not in the original PES 2009, but is once Version 1.30 is downloaded. He is a very quick striker and at such a young age he would be an exceptional buy in Master League.

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