Sergio Aguero

Sergio Agüero
Name Sergio Leonel Agüero del Castillo
Age 30
Nation ArgentinaFlag.png Argentina
Position CF, SMF, SS
Club Squad No. 16
Nation Squad No. 16
Key stats (PES 2013) Attack - 94
Dribble Speed - 92
Shot Accuracy - 92
Previous Clubs Club Atletico Independiente

Atletico Madrid

Sergio "Kun" Agüero is an Argentinian international striker who plays for Manchester City.

He's known for his lightning speed, fast dribbling and accurate shooting, which makes him one of the deadliest strikers in the world inside the box. He's also been known for being good in the air, making him easily one of the best all-round strikers around. Usually in the game, he is best utilised as a support striker playing off of a taller front man.


[edit] PES 2008

On the PS2 version Agüero was in the Argentina squad but didn't have a preset face. This wasn't the case in the next-gen versions where he received a preset for the first time. He developed into a top player after about 5 seasons of Master League football and formed a good partnership with Diego Forlan for Atlético. He was also still relatively easy to sign as his current ability is lower than in PES 2009.

[edit] PES 2009

Sergio had a significant stat boost and is a very attacking minded player who usually plays as a striker, or a support striker. His excellent pace, dribbling and agility allow him to run through defenders with ease. Also his shooting abilities and scoring special ability allows him to score without much trouble when inside the box. Sergio can develop into one of the best strikers, if not the best, in the game.

He possesses immense skill and has a high long lasting Master League peak of 95 in PES 2009 although it is worth noting he is a difficult player to sign and you often need to pay near the maximum wage to secure a deal for him even in the minimum negotiation difficulty.

On the back of his shirt in PES 2009, he bares the name Kun Aguero which is his nickname. Additionally other players also have their nicknames on the back of their shirts like Cata Diaz.

[edit] PES 2010

He still has very high potential and is seen as one of the best potential and current abilitied strikers in the game. His high speed and dribbling abilities make it easy to break through even the toughest defences. He boasts good shooting attributes making it easy for him to score from inside the box.

He is given 98 Acceleration making him one the quickest player to reach his full speed and therefore makes him brilliant on the counter. Matched with his high Top Speed, he'll easily run past any defence. He has decent strength too with 85 Body Balance so he's pretty much a complete striker with speed and strength. He's also a very good dribbler with high accuracy and speed making one of the fastest players on and off the ball in the whole game. To compliment with his ability to break through defences, his shooting is immaculate, he has good accuracy, good shot power and technique, therefore he's able to score from any range and any angle making him one of the finest finishers in the game. Surprisingly, since he's a relatively small player, he's quite good in the air since he has 94 Jump making him able to reach even the toughest of balls. He can take free kicks too however it wouldn't really be recommended.

His weaknesses are that his Stamina is only decent, and therefore if he's running flat out for the full game he'll tire after a while and fatigue. He also lacks passing ability and therefore won't make many assists for your team. Finally he's quite a small player at 172cm however he does make up for it with his Jumping ability.

His overall is 91 and at the age of 21 he can easily reach a staggering overall of 99 making him the best player in the whole game.

He also has many skill cards such as 1-touch play, Outside Curve, Marseille Roulette, Quick Scissors Dribble and Scooping which make him a better player up front and adds skill to his play.

He is a must in Master League for any team due to his very high peak. One problem is that due to his wonderkid status, Atlético Madrid will be unlikely to sell him. But if you are lucky enough to buy him, he'll be a goal machine.

[edit] PES 2011

In PES 2011 he is sporting his new hairstyle (shown in the gallery). In this game, he is still young, being only 22, therefore his potential will still be virtually unrivalled in Master League. He also continues his world class attributes, however in this game he has seen a small stat reduction in his Acceleration, which is now 95. His Top Speed still stays at 93 therefore he is still one of the faster players in the game. The rest of his stats are pretty much the same as last year's game. He continues to have fine Body Balance, Shooting and Dribbling skills.

He does still lack passing ability, so don't expect him to provide many assists during your season. Furthermore his Stamina is only 82, which in turn can mean he can only make use of his blistering pace in short bursts.

He also possesses many skill cards which include: 1-touch play, Outside Curve, Shoulder Feint Skills, Roulette Skills (Marseille Roulette), Scissor Skills and Flicking Skills (Scooping).

Finally his overall is now 89 which is a small reduction from PES 2010 (91), however he is still considered a must buy for any team.

[edit] PES 2012

Agüero makes the switch to Manchester City where he partners either fellow countryman Carlos Tevez or Bosnian striker Edin Dzeko up front. He will form a formidable partnership with either striker, however for a more fluid attacking style, Tevez may be a better selection.

One of Agüero's main strengths is his pace, where he has 90 Top Speed. A small decrease from PES 2011. Not only that, he also has very good dribbling speed at 92 making him one of the fastest players in the game while on the ball. Matched with his 88 Dribble Accuracy, he is a very strong dribbler of the ball. Despite him being a relatively small player, he has 94 Jump making him much more effective in the air, over for example, Tevez.

In Master League, as he is only 23, he becomes one of the best strikers in the game, however due to him playing for City, it will be very hard to prize him away.

[edit] PES 2013

Aguero had another stat boost in PES 2013 making him one of the best strikers in the game with an overall of 90 as CF and of 89 as SS.

[edit] Trivia

  • He bares Kun Aguero on the back of his shirt.

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