Club Name Sivasspor Kulübü
Nickname(s) Yiğidolar (Yigidos)
Founded 1967
Stadium Sivas 4 Eylül Stadium
Manager Turkey Mesut Bakkal
Division Other Leagues

Sivasspor (pronounced c-vas-c-pore) are a Turkish club that appear in Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 under Other Leagues.

[edit] PES 2010 Squad

Pos. Name Information
GK.png TurkeyFlag.png Akin Vardar
CB.png TurkeyFlag.png Murat Sozgelmez
CB.png CongoFlag.png Lucien Aubey
SB.png TurkeyFlag.png Abdurrahman Dereli
SB.png TurkeyFlag.png Hayrettin Yerlikaya
DMF.png TurkeyFlag.png Ibrahim Dagasan
CMF.png GermanyFlag.png Cihan Yilmaz
AMF.png TurkeyFlag.png Musa Aydin Captain
SMF.png TurkeyFlag.png Erman Kilic
CMF.png SouthAfricaFlag.png Elrio van Heerden
CF.png FranceFlag.png Yannick Kamanan
GK.png AustraliaFlag.png Michael Petkovic
CB.png TurkeyFlag.png Sedat Bayrak
CB.png TurkeyFlag.png Yasin Cakmak
SB.png TurkeyFlag.png Ugur Kavuk
DMF.png MaliFlag.png Souleymane Keita
CMF.png TurkeyFlag.png Ferhat Bikmaz
CMF.png TunisiaFlag.png Nabil Taider
AMF.png TurkeyFlag.png Kadir Bekmezci
AMF.png GabonFlag.png Bruno Zita
SS.png NigeriaFlag.png Akeem Agbetu
CF.png TurkeyFlag.png Mehmet Yildiz
CF.png TurkeyFlag.png Ibrahim Sahin
GK.png TurkeyFlag.png Alisan Seker
SB.png TurkeyFlag.png Yunus Dogan
DMF.png TurkeyFlag.png Onur Tuncer
SMF.png TurkeyFlag.png Faruk Bayar
SS.png GermanyFlag.png Harun Toprak Change squad number to 17
CF.png GermanyFlag.png Rahman Soyudogru Change squad number to 89
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