Skill Cards in PES 2010

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Skill Cards are a skill, some seen more often than not, which the players own and therefore you cannot activate or deactivate it. Some are minor cards like Outside Curve but some can have more of an effect like Super Sub. Any type of card will improve the players overall, unlike the playstyle cards.

Card Number Card Name Description
S01 Reaction The player will regularly run in behind the defence and go for goal
S02 Passer The player will create goal scoring opportunities with perfectly timed passes
S03 1-on-1 Finish Makes 1-on-1's easier to put away
S04 PK Taker Makes the player a better penalty taker
S05 1-touch play Improves the player's first touch when passing and shooting
S06 Outside Curve Improves touch when using the outside of the foot
S07 Man Marking Makes the player stay tight on the opponent when marking
S08 Slide Tackle Improves the player's ability to slide tackle
S09 Covering Player will provide better cover for any space left by teammates
S10 DF Leader Makes offside trap more effective
S11 Penalty Saver Improves chances of saving penalties
S12 1-on-1 Keeper Makes it harder for the opposition to score in 1-on-1 situations
S13 Long throw Improves the range on long throws
S14 Quick Turn Enables Quick Turn
S15 Marseille Roulette Enables Marseille Roulette
S16 One-footed Roulette Enables One-Footed Roulette
S17 Elastico Enables Elastico
S18 Cross Over Turn Enables Cross Over Turn
S19 Quick Scissors Dribble Enables Quick Scissors Dribble
S20 Scooping Enables Ball Scooping
S21 Super-Sub Improves player's ability when introduced late on in the game

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