South Korea

South Korea
South Korea South Korea.png
Team Name South Korea
Nickname(s) Taegeuk Warriors, The Red Devils
Stadium Various
Manager Germany Uli Stielike
Captain Ki Sung Yueng
Confederation AFC.png AFC

South Korea (pronounced SOUTH ko-REER) are an Asian nation that appear in the Pro Evolution Soccer series. They were the second national team to be licensed, in PES3, following Japan from the previous installment. However, they lost their license in PES 2013, and many believe this is due to Konami's bitterness after their defeat of Japan in the Bronze Medal game of the 2012 London Olympics. Their star players include Park Chu-Young, Lee Young-Pyo and Park Ji-Sung.

[edit] PES 2014 Squad

Pos. No. Name
GK.png 1 Jung Sung-Ryong Jung Ik Tae
CB.png 4 Kwak Tae-Hwi Kwak Ung Nyom
CB.png 5 Kim Young-Gwon Kim Ho Ga
RB.png 12 Lee Yong Li Yak
LB.png 3 Yun Suk-Young Yoon San Hang
CMF.png 16 Ki Sung-Yueng Ki Se Bok
CMF.png 14 Han Kook-Young Ha Keyang
RMF.png 17 Lee Chung-Yong Lin Chayong
CF.png 11 Lee Keun-Ho Lee Hung Gil
RMF.png 7 Kim Bo-Kyung Kim Pa Jip
CF.png 18 Kim Shin-Wook Kim Guk Hyong
GK.png 23 Lee Bum-Young Lin Bu Yang
GK.png 21 Kim Seung-Gyu Ki Sang Guk
CB.png 20 Hong Jeong-Ho Hong Dok Hon
CB.png 6 Hwang Seok-Ho Hong San Hwang
RB.png 2 Kim Chang-Soo Kim Can San
LB.png 22 Park Joo-Ho Park Ui Rip
DMF.png 15 Park Jong-Woo Pan Ju Wang
CMF.png 8 Ha Dae-Sung Ha Dong Su
AMF.png 13 Koo Ja-Cheol Koo Hak Chun
SS.png 19 Ji Dong-Won Ji Pyong Shim
CF.png 9 Son Heung-Min Son Jae Hong
CF.png 10 Park Chu-Young Pal Cha Woon

Other inclusions in PES 2014 have been:

Pos. No. Name
GK.png 21 Kim Young-Kwang Kim Gung Shin
GK.png 23 Kim Jin-Hyeon Kim Gae Pyo
CB.png 3 Kim Kee-Hee Ki Kungha
CB.png 14 Lee Jung-Soo Lee Gyu Bong
CB.png 22 Jung In-Whan Cha Il Son
RB.png 13 Shin Kwang-Hoon Si Kun Hon
RB.png 15 Oh Beom-Seok Oh Dung Nyul
LB.png 2 Kim Jin-Su Kuak Jong Sin
DMF.png 4 Kim Nam-Il N M Kinu
DMF.png 8 Lee Myung-Joo Lin Ming Jong
RMF.png 17 Go Yo-Han Ko Yan Sen
LMF.png 15 Yun Il-Lok Yan Ik Ton
LMF.png 19 Kim Chi-Woo C S Kinu
AMF.png 8 Lee Seung-Ki Li Shangti
CF.png 20 Lee Dong-Gook Lee Mang Chae

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