Syria Syria.png
Team Name Syria
Nickname(s) Qasioun Eagles
Stadium Abbasiyyin Stadium
Manager Syria Ahmad Al Shaar
Captain Mosab Balhous
Confederation AFC.png AFC

Syria are a West Asian national team which first appeared in PES 2010. They are an average side which qualified for the 2011 AFC Asian Cup held in Qatar. They are captained by experienced Goalkeeper Mosab Balhous. They have also competed in Nehru Cup three times: 2007, 2009 & 2012, becoming runners-up in the former two by losing against India both the times. In PES, they are an unlicensed team and their players have fake names.

[edit] PES 2012 Squad

Pos. No. Name
GK.png 1 Mosab Balhous Banthos
CB.png 3 Ali Diab Dyarawa
CB.png 17 Abdulkader Dakka Dakim
CMF.png 2 Belal Abduldaim Astordawm
LB.png 13 Nadim Ahmad Sabag Adosayed
DMF.png 5 Feras Ismail Isim
CMF.png 7 Abdul Razak Al Hussein Alhessam
AMF.png 6 Jehad Al Hussien An Hoauhen
LMF.png 14 Wael Ayan Asaro
SS.png 19 Sanharib Malki Mulev
CF.png 12 Mohamed Al Zeno An Shei
GK.png 16 Radwan Al Azhar Redanazhar
GK.png 22 Adnan Al Hafez Alheiz
CB.png 4 Jehad Al Baour Asubarof
CB.png 15 Ahmad Al Salih Amusaati
DMF.png 11 Adel Abdullah Amel Agmar
DMF.png 21 Bwrhan Sahiwni Salmini
CMF.png 20 Louay Chanko Cheria
RMF.png 8 Taha Dyab Tafdelam
LMF.png 23 Samer Awad Aduram
SS.png 10 Firas Al Khatib An Madab
RWF.png 9 Qusay Habib Halamof
CF.png 18 Abdul Al Agha Avkut
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