The Strongest

The Strongest
Club Name Club The Strongest
Nickname(s) Tigre, El Derribador de Campeones, Gualdinegro, El Decano
Founded 1908
Stadium Estadio Rafael Mendoza
Manager Bolivia Eduardo Villegas
Division Liga de Fútbol Profesional Boliviano

The Strongest are a Bolivian club playing in the Copa Libertadores mode.

[edit] Current Squad

Pos. Name Information
GK.png BoliviaFlag.png Daniel Vaca
CB.png ParaguayFlag.png Delio Ojeda
CB.png BoliviaFlag.png Luis Mendez
RB.png BoliviaFlag.png Jair Torrico
LB.png BoliviaFlag.png Gerson Garcia
DMF.png BoliviaFlag.png Sacha Lima
AMF.png BoliviaFlag.png Alejandro Chumacero
LB.png ParaguayFlag.png Ernesto Cristaldo
RMF.png BoliviaFlag.png Rodrigo Ramallo
AMF.png BoliviaFlag.png Pablo Escobar CAPTAIN
CF.png ChileFlag.png Sebastian Gonzalez
GK.png ArgentinaFlag.png Andres Jemio
CB.png ArgentinaFlag.png Matias Marchesini
CB.png BoliviaFlag.png Marcos Paz
RB.png BoliviaFlag.png Enrique Parada
RB.png BoliviaFlag.png Nelvin Soliz
DMF.png BoliviaFlag.png Leonel Reyes
DMF.png BoliviaFlag.png Gerardo Castellon
CMF.png BoliviaFlag.png Gabriel Paco
LMF.png BoliviaFlag.png Bladimir Compas
LMF.png BoliviaFlag.png Rene Bejarano
SS.png BoliviaFlag.png Luis Melgar
CF.png BrazilFlag.png Ronaille Calheira
DMF.png BoliviaFlag.png Oscar Sanz
RWF.png BoliviaFlag.png Diego Wayar

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